PEAKS ISLAND ACADEMY - An alternative path to academic success for all students!
Peaks Island Academy is a private school recognized by the Maine Department of Education. It is located on Peaks Island off the coast of Portland, Maine. It specializes in helping at risk high school students who struggle to succeed in a traditional school setting. At PIA each student has an Individual Education Plan. In addition, each student receives personal coaching and mentoring. A day at PIA includes one on one, small group and independent instruction and learning. Students also receive help securing employment during enrollment and after graduation. Each student who graduates from Peaks Island Academy will receive a recognized Diploma, Official Transcript and three letters of recommendation, one from the principal and two from school board members.
If you have questions, interest in enrollment, or would like to make a donation to
Peaks Island Academy, please call our principal Mr. Boyle at 207-956-3072.
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